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Insight inspired design

Design driven growth

We are a human centered design studio integrating research, strategy, design, and engineering under one roof.


At the core of our philosophy is a human centered design approach. Passionate about people, our process is driven by boundless curiosity and empathy. We uncover behaviors and trends in the interaction between people, products, and services. Charged by the insights, informed by needs, emotions, and markets, we envision opportunities to empower design and achieve business success.

User Driven Research
Opportunity Mapping
Actionable Insights
Concept Validation

Industrial Design

We believe great design is iconic, intuitive, and born from user needs. ELEVEN is built on the principle that industries can be disrupted by careful examination of everyday human needs and the strategic integration of design. Guided by specificity derived from user insights, we craft meaningful products and experiences that resonate with people and drive business and brand success.

Brainstorming and Ideation
User Experience
Concept Development


We blend rapid ideation and prototyping with our practical knowledge of materials, mechanisms, and processes to inspire and enrich design concepts and connect them to manufacturable solutions.

Conceptual Engineering
Product and Systems Engineering
Prototype Development
Design for Manufacturing

Communication Design

We use our expertise in user insights, visual communication, and psychology to craft interfaces, brands, and stories. We blend strategy and storytelling to create impactful brand expressions and make better experiences for users.

User Interface
Brand Identity
Graphic Design and Packaging
Cinematic Storytelling

Business Strategy

Strategy is an essential element of business success. We see beyond the product or service, fostering innovation to help guide new concepts successfully to market. Whether you are a market leader or market disrupter, we help craft business success.

Brand and Product Roadmaps
Patent Analysis
Business Analytics

We have over 20 years of experience solving problems across disciplines, industries, and businesses.

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