Cloud RO Water Filtration System

Cloud RO Water Filtration System


Cloud RO Water Filtration System

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Actionable Insights
Opportunity Mapping
Brainstorming and Ideation
Concept Development
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Serial entrepreneurs Nick Braun and Ben Zvaifler, had each recently reached a successful exit with startup sales to Petco. They identified a huge opportunity to revolutionize home water purification and the associated consumer experience. Together, they founded Cloud Water Filters. Functioning as an investor, advisor, and development partner, ELEVEN contributed across research, industrial design, engineering, and manufacturing startup through to product launch.

ELEVEN’s process began with uncovering valuable user insights, auditing competitive products, observing installations, and synthesizing research to uncover actionable design opportunities. ELEVEN collaborated with key stakeholders, including end users, installers, Cloud business owners, and manufacturing partners. ELEVEN, alongside a longtime international manufacturing partner, managed the manufacturing process through to launch.

Cloud RO
Water Filtration System Features

Eliminates contaminants including lead, PFAS, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and many others.

Healthy minerals are added back into the cleaned water, improving taste, and raising pH to alkaline levels.

Intelligent Subscription enabled by sensor suite, provides personalized filter replacements delivered to customers door based on usage and filter efficacy.

Detachable magazine can be lifted out from the base unit, eliminating the need to crawl under the sink. This ensures a more convenient and straightforward filter replacement experience.

Water sensors report data to the Bluetooth-enabled Cloud app, providing real-time updates on water quality and usage via IoT connectivity.

Aggregated data can alert municipalities about previously undetected issues in the area, such as lead or PFAS contamination.

Long-term battery accommodates users that don’t have power sources under their sink. Cloud utilizes household water pressure to drive water through the sediment filters, reverse osmosis (RO), permeate pump, and remineralizer.

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