COVID-19 Personal Protective Booth

COVID-19 Personal Protective Booth


COVID-19 Personal Protective Booth

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ELEVEN has joined forces with Healthcare Innovation Partners (HIP) in response to pressing healthcare needs to lead a rapid design process, creating actionable solutions. Within days of COVID-19 becoming a national emergency, ELEVEN + HIP received a request for help. Dr. Anne Klibanski, President and Chief Executive of Partners HealthCare and Dr. Gregg Meyer, Chief Clinical Officer at the company, were aware of South Korean healthcare professionals using booths for safer testing. They recognized the coming need to increase staff safety, conserve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and increase testing capacity. Our team was engaged to face the challenge.

With a global shortage of supplies, it was on ELEVEN to solve how to locally build and deploy a new booth design that would be optimized for the US healthcare system. Drawing on the HIP team's internal knowledge of testing, sanitizing, and work flow, ELEVEN + HIP designed, engineered, tested, and deployed a working personal protective booth to Massachusetts General Hospital within 9 days!

The HIP Personal Protection Booth or “Hexapod” creates a fully protective barrier between patient and provider. Healthcare providers can swab and test a patient while maintaining complete physical separation. We are currently partnered with HIP to deploy more booths within weeks of the initial launch. MGH Chelsea Healthcare Center (which has experienced the highest number of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts to date) is planning to test 150-200+ people per day with ELEVEN and HIP’s latest personal protection booths. 

Project Partners:
Healthcare Innovation Partners (HIP)

Media coverage:

The Boston Globe
Mass General Hospital News
Boston 25 News

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