Elemental Snapchiller

Elemental Snapchiller


Elemental Snapchiller

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Elemental Beverage Co. is reinventing cold coffee. Their cofounder, David Dussault, is an MIT educated mechanical engineer, with expertise in heat exchange technology. David invented the first working prototype of the Snapchiller. He partnered with ELEVEN to refine and develop his idea into a marketable product. ELEVEN’s full team of researchers and designers as well as mechanical, electronic, and software engineers, worked together to create the Snapchiller for Elemental.

The Snapchiller was created to rapidly chill freshly brewed, hot coffee without oxidation or loss of flavor. Coldbrew, nitro, brew-over-ice, or iced coffee all have significant oxidation and loss of flavor. Using a submerged, stainless steel evaporator coil, liquids only contact food-safe materials, delivering the best cold coffee available in under 1 minute.

Elemental revealed the Snapchiller at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo and was nominated for “The Best New Product 2019”. It has since received rave reviews from Food & Wine, Gear Patrol, and Daily Coffee News.

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