Swash Clothing Care System

Swash Clothing Care System


Swash Clothing Care System

User Driven Research
Opportunity Mapping
Actionable Insights
Concept Validation
Brainstorming and Ideation
User Experience
Concept Development
Conceptual Engineering
Product and Systems Engineering
Prototype Development
Design For Manufacturing
User Interface
Brand and Product Roadmaps

Proctor & Gamble came to ELEVEN with a new chemical technology. They asked ELEVEN to research and identify opportunity spaces and design a delivery system that that could harness the benefits of their new technology.

Originally, P&G envisioned the eventual solution to be launched as a Braun branded product. ELEVEN worked closely with P&G and Braun to identify opportunity spaces, design concepts, and refine selected concepts into engineering prototypes. P&G eventually decided to pivot from a Braun branded product into a venture with in-home appliance leader Whirlpool. ELEVEN worked with P&G and Whirlpool to engineer numerous test platforms and prototypes for overall structure and cost, consumable unit dosing, automation, customizing, and UI. ELEVEN simplified interaction points, construction, and appearance for an easy-to-use, highly integrated system.

The final solution, the Swash Clothing Care System, is an elegant furniture-like appliance that disappears into the decor of a room. The product will be targeted directly toward consumers, as well as hotel chains, airport lounges, and travel hubs.

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